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Progain extreme

If gaining high quality lean muscle tissue is your goal, Progain Extreme might just be what you need to accomplish this goal.

Made by Maximuscle, Progain Extreme is a weight gainer that is going to deliver results a step above the rest - it's proven and it works for a great many people already.

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One major thing that sets it apart from all the other gainers out there is that with each serving you will receive 3 grams of free form Leucine, which is a very critical amino acid that is used to help trigger the body into building new lean muscle mass.

In addition to this, each serving of Progain Extreme you take will leave you with 508 calories that can go to support the growth of this new muscle tissue. For many of you who are taking in 4000+ calories a day already and are struggling to add new muscle, this extra large dose of calories is really welcomed.

The total protein content of this drink totals 43 grams, which is a very solid source to help keep your daily level right up there where it needs to be.

The instructions direct you to take two scoops per day for a week to start. This should have you seeing about a 1-2 weight gain per week, however, if you happen to be one blessed with a thrifty metabolism that speeds right up along with the extra calories, then you'll need to up this again so that you're looking at taking another scoop or two per day.

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