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Warm mist grotto

A warm mist grotto in a spa is a small room or shelter where warm vapours infused with herbs and flowers are pumped in to the room.

The idea is that a warm mist grotto should feel like a safe protective cocoon where you can completely relax and chill out - whilst the herbs help your skin. Therefore it can be a particularly pleasant way to enjoy aromatherapy and to unwind. They are often found as part of a spa package that may also include saunas and pools.

What are the benefits?

Like a light tropical rain, the water in the air is pleasantly hot and slightly humid. This is good for certain mild respiratory difficulties. It will also leave your skin feeling refreshed and invigorated. The settings are generally beautiful and designed to make you feel at ease so that you are able to truly relax. This is helpful for meditation or just allowing your mind to rest for a bit by forgetting the troubles and cares of the world outside.

Natural rock or other specially designed materials that are used to create this special space can give you a chance to feel at one with nature even if you're living in a busy city. Just stepping outside your hectic routine for a short while into an environment that is at least relaxing, and at best truly magical, can greatly lower stress levels and ease chronic fatigue as well as tension. It's very good for increasing your overall sense of well being. You will leave feeling calmer and better able to cope with the stresses of modern living.



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