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Mud packs & mud baths

The use of mud for relaxation and healing is what Mud packs and mud baths are all about. With a mud pack or a mud bath, you will discover what has been known in many different parts of the world for hundreds of years - that different types of substances, such as mineral sea mud, bog peat, certain kinds of clay, and organic volcanic ash have healing properties.

Mud pack treatments use a complete range of different substances depending on the exact treatment, but this kind of spa treatment is also known as 'pelotherapy'. It is similar to the mud treatments that are famous at the Dead Sea.

What are the benefits?

Mud packs & baths are a great way to absorb toxins from the body. Water is generally added to powder to make a substance that when heated can be spread over an injured or painful area. Alternatively you can be immersed in an entire bath for a full body effect.

Length of treatment varies but usually lasts twenty to thirty minutes. These treatments have the ability to ease tension around the joints as well as softening up your skin. They're very good for both rheumatism and arthritis. They also offer relief from chronic pain including neuralgia as well as sciatica and muscle spasms.

Effects vary depending on what kind of substance is used but many are excellent for exfoliating the skin. They increase the circulation in your skin and help remove toxins. Your skin will be left feeling much softer and silkier. You yourself will feel invigorated, relaxed and more youthful. These kinds of treatment are considered both healing and beauty therapies that are designed to improve your overall well being as well as tackling specific concerns.



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