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What is it?

Modelage is a form of mask therapy. Nutrient cream is spread over the face, or other parts of the body, forming a plaster mask which slowly dries. With modelage, as the cream dries, the temperature of the skin underneath rises. This opens up your pores so that the nutrients in the cream can be fully absorbed into your skin cells.

What are the benefits?

Modelage is extremely good for your skin. It hydrates it which is particularly beneficial for dry or damaged skin. The absorption of nutrients stimulates and invigorates your skin leaving it looking fresher and younger. As a means of anti-aging, as well as avoiding wrinkles and marks, these treatments are particularly effective.

Modelage treatments can also help to reduce swelling and discolouring around the eyes and are able to return elasticity to skin and firm up any sagging or loss of definition. They detoxify the skin which can aid in clearing up skin conditions, such as acne, or other forms of blemishes.

By restoring balance and harmony to your skin, you can avoid excessive dryness or oiliness. Your skin will be left feeling healthy and glowing as well as softer and silkier. These forms of deep cleansing helps prevent future skin infections or pimples from appearing. The skin is nourished and replenished thus making it better able to cope with any future wear and tear.

Treatments are deeply relaxing and ease tension that is held in the skin. You'll not only feel better on the outside but also more peaceful within.



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