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Dead sea therapies

Utilising the unique and special 'healing' qualities of this water, Dead sea therapies are based on the body opf water that lends it's name and which is a unique natural phenomenum.

This body of water has certain characteristics that exist nowhere else on this planet. It is the lowest place in the world at four metres below sea level. Dead sea therapies take advantage of the fact that the water from here is in fact only two thirds H20. The rest is not just salt but salt that is extraordinarily rich in minerals. Dead sea therapies were first used for healing over two thousand years ago.

What are the benefits?

This area is an extraordinary natural laboratory and the benefits of the different forms of treatment are extensive. Bioclimatology refers to the fact that the heavy mist which constantly covers this body of water, as well as how low it lies, blocks out harmful UVB rays so that exposure to the sun can be safely increased.

This form of treatment is particularly effective against skin diseases such as vitiligo, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. It's also very good for arthritis and rheumatism.

Mud treatments using this special water are excellent for detoxifying your skin. The different minerals have different impacts. Sodium balances your skin's PH while calcium acts on the skin's surface to reduce pain whilst cleansing. Magnesium allows your skin to breathe, improving its metabolism, hydrating it, and increasing your resistance to allergies.

Chlorine is useful for reducing any swelling while bitumen helps get rid of rough skin. Looseness of skin, which might be caused by a sudden drop in weight or pregnancy, can be reversed thanks to silicates which tighten the skin.

Bath salts have a similar effect along with being super relaxing and allowing you to float in one of the great wonders of nature. All of these therapies give you access to a truly amazing natural phenomena.



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