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NLP metaphor

The NLP metaphor is a powerful tool widely used in a number of ways. In it simplest form, an NLP metaphor is simply a representation used for explaining a concept in terms of some other concept.

An NLP metaphor can help us to understand something that is perhaps difficult in terms of something that we are familiar with - we use them all the time on common speech, for example when we describe someone as having a heart of stone.

NLP metaphors can include analogies, similes, jokes, stories, parables and allegories, and can be used both to improve communication and solve problems. Because they create graphic and memorable images in the mind, metaphors can aid communication.

However, Neuro-linguistic programming also uses complex metaphors such as stories, allegories and analogies in a number of different ways.

These more complex forms are used to access the unconscious mind by opening doors. They do this by stimulating the right side of the brain with visual and sensory images. This allows the unconscious mind to make a link between new information and the extensive database stored in our memories.

It is noticeable that throughout time, preachers and teachers around the world have used simple stories as a way of delivering profound truths, and challenging their audiences.




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