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Impotence aids

The main type of impotence aids for erectile dysfunction is the penis vacuum pump, which is essentially a constriction device used on the penis prior to sexual activity.

Witha range of impotence aids available, there's also several designs of penis vacuum pump available, where the penis is inserted into a cylindrical device and air pumped out with either a hand pump or a battery operated motor. The penis vacuum pump creates a vacuum around the penis that draws blood into the shaft causing it to swell and thereby effecting an erection. The pump is removed and then with the aid of lubricant a tension band is slipped around the penis base to maintain the erection for the duration of sexual activity. The tension band can be safely left in place for up to 30 minutes to allow for successful intercourse.

The devices are safe to use by patients with erectile dysfunction caused by conditions including: psychological problems such as depression or anxiety; diabetes; low blood pressure; insufficient blood flow to the penis and surgery for prostate or colon cancer. Men with a congenital bleeding disorder or those predisposed to priapism should not use the constriction device.

The erection obtained from a constriction device differs from on obtained naturally. The penis will be purpler in colour and even feel cold and numb. Also there will be less force to the mans ejaculation due to the tension band around the base of the penis restricting the flow of semen somewhat. However this should not interfere with the pleasure of reaching climax or orgasm.




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