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It is likely that a man suffering from male erectile dysfunction needs impotence help but can find it embarrassing and difficult to talk directly about the problem to his partner.

In some cases, when men need impotence help but are afraid to seek assistance, there may be certain changes their behaviour that would lead a woman to realise that erectile dysfunction is a possiblility. Often these are based around spending less private time with their partner to avoid situations when sexual intercourse may occur. Common examples when impotence help may be needed would be if someone was staying up late so his partner is already asleep when he comes to bed, or the reverse and going to bed early so he is already asleep when she retires. Working late and spending more time away from home, perhaps inviting more friends around to entertain, are also possible ways of avoiding the issue of male erectile dysfunction by spending less intimate time with his partner.

Even if the man can attain an erection he may avoid foreplay and ejaculate quickly after penetration for fear of losing the erection. These are normal responses to the problem of but unfortunately just make the situation worse. If the man's partner does not recognise the signs for what they really are then the alternative explanations can be just as detrimental to the relationship. It would be quite reasonable for a partner to conclude that he is having an affair, or no longer finds her attractive, based on the behavioural patterns already described. Both these situations can put more pressure on the man to perform which in turn would make his condition worse.

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