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Prescription drugs for impotence

Lifestyle prescription drugs for impotence are now available to purchase online. Whether you are looking for Cialis, Levitra, Uprima or Viagra, there is a full complement of prescription drugs for impotence at your disposal. When purchasing online, you can expect the following:

  • Online consultation: When you are looking to buy prescription drugs for impotence you should first fill out an online consultation. This will include a complete medical history. Once that is completed, a physician will review it in order to determine which is the right drug for you.

  • Initial fee: There will normally be a fee for consultation for initial orders. Normally this ranges between £ 65 and £ 75. If you are be charged signigantly more then it is best to look around for another provider.
  • Spam e-mails/ sites: Beware of sites and e-mails promising you cheep product. If the medication costs alot less then others you see then it may be generic or not the actual product. As no standards are applied to these pills, they could be dangerous to take and it is advisable to avoid them.

A breakdown of some available medications include:

  • Cialis Tablets : This medication is said to work within 30 minutes for sokme individuals and can continue work up until 36 hours after the first dosage.

  • Levitra : Levitra is a drug that will increase blood flow throughout the penis in order for erectile function improvement.

  • Viagra : This was one of the first medications used to increase penial blood flow. Like Cialis, once the drug has been consumed, it can work within 30 minutes and will continue to work for 4 hours.




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