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impotence treatment

There are several forms of impotence treatments available to men and due to major medical advances in treating erectile dysfunction the majority of sufferers can be treated effectively.

Sex and/or couple's therapy
Is a form of impotence treatment when psychological factors in the man are believed to the main cause for erectile dysfunction. Particularly useful to re-establish a sexual relationship that has broken down because of this disorder, often used in conjunction with other forms of impotence treatment.

Vacuum constriction devices
Is another type of impotence treatment the penis is inserted into a cylindrical pump operated by hand or batteries. The vacuum created draws blood into the penis creating an erection. The pump is removed and a tension band slipped around the base of the penis to maintain the erection.

Intracavernosal injection therapy
A highly effective form of impotence treatment, where a drug is injected into the base of the penis shaft prior to sexual activity resulting in an erection usually within fifteen minutes.

Transurethral therapy
A needle free form is applied directly to the penis whereby a pellet is introduced into the urethra using a special applicator. The drug is absorbed and an erection follows within five to ten minutes.

Oral Medication
There are four licensed drugs for erectile dysfunction to be taken orally. All are effective and do not produce an erection unless the man is sexually stimulated.

Hormone treatment
If the man has a lack of testosterone causing erectile dysfunction then this can be restored with a testosterone replacement, although only in a small number of cases is this the cause of the problem.

Penile prosthesis
This is a splint surgically inserted into the penis. One is semi rigid allowing the penis to be bent down and away, the other a hydraulic device linked to a detachable pump. Both damage the erectile tissue and should only be considered if other procedures have been tried.

Surgical procedures
In a few cases surgery can be used to treat the abnormal flow of blood into the penis.




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