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Psychological causes of male impotence

In cases where a man is suffering from physcological causes of male impotence problems and can achieve and maintain an erection in some situations and not in others.

There are several psychological causes of impotence problems, which may stem from some form of prior sexual trauma. However the most common psychological causes of impotence include the following:

  • Depression :

    Is a common cause of impotence problems that affects men physically and psychologically. It can affect men who feel perfectly comfortable in sexual situations. Drugs can be used to treat depression.

  • Sexual boredom :

    This may result from age and subsequent loss of interest in sex. Certain prescription drugs may also have this effect, as can problems within the couples relationship.

  • Low self-esteem:

    this could be caused from prior episodes of erectile dysfunction or problems within the relationship.

  • Stress :

    could be work or money related, or from unresolved marital or relationship problems.

  • Anxiety :

    If a man has already suffered from a case of erectile dysfunction he may suffer anxiety about it happening again. This is known as 'fear of failure' and may prevent him from achieving an erection despite his desire for sexual intercourse.

  • Marital conflicts and dissatisfaction (as can also occur with premature ejaculation)

  • Unresolved sexual orientation




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