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Mature sex & the aging process

Attitudes towards the mature sex between older people can be troubling as a great number of people believe that far fewer older men and woman have sex than they actually do.

Older people experience interest in mature sex and sexual intimacy/activity, however physical changes in the body can mean that men's sexual health will have changed over the years. His reaction to mature sex changes and his ability to achieve and maintain an erection is affected. The erection may take longer to achieve, may not be as firm as in youth or not be achieved at all.

However sexual health is much more that a focus on the genital nature of sex and couples may find other ways to stimulate each other, such as erotic videos or publications. Being frank with each other about sexual problems and needs may help alleviate the psychological tensions associated with male impotence.

For a man just thinking about sex may no longer be enough for him to achieve and erection, and more direct stimulation for a longer period of time may be necessary. The sensation of ejaculation may not feel as powerful as it once did and the amount of semen may diminish. Also he might find that it takes longer to achieve orgasm, although this could be seen as benefit to aiding sexual satisfaction in his partner.

If a man finds he is experiencing difficulty in achieving and maintaining an erection then seeking advice from a doctor would be advisable, as there are drugs that could be prescribed to aid him. If this is not suitable then there are a lot of alternative products available such as urethral pellets, vacuum pumps, injections, surgical implants and sexual therapy.




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