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Erectile dysfunction help

Before seeking help for erectile dysfunction men should perhaps try some lifestyle changes to see if these are the underlying causes.

Given that erectile dysfunction can be caused by a range of factors, giving up smoking, reducing alcohol intake; resolving conflicts at home in the work place and generally reducing stress and anxiety can all help some men.

If however these do not resolve the problem then the man should seek medical advice and some form of erectile dysfunction help. First of all the man should visit his General Practitioner for advice. Some GP's will be able to deal with the patient directly; others will refer the man to see specialists. If the situation fails to improve then it would be advisable to seek erectile dysfunction help from a specialist or contact the Sexual Dysfunction Association, from which names of local specialists can be obtained.

To identify the possible cause for erectile dysfunction one or more appointments will be made to see the specialist at the clinic. Firstly the man will be asked questions about his previous sexual function, if appropriate his relationship with his partner, and any existing medical or psychiatric conditions. A physical examination of the penis and scrotum should follow, including blood pressure and reflex tests; also urine and blood samples will be taken. If visiting a hospital clinic then more rigorous physical tests may be undertaken to identify the problem, with the possibility of injecting a drug into the base of the penis to see if an erection can attained and maintained.




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