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Yoga video

For a good home workout, a yoga video is hard to beast. Whether as a supplement to a class, or on its own, a yoga video can give you the information and encouragement you need to exercise at home.

There are hundreds out there to choose from - everything from celebrities (Gerri Halliwell, Linda Barker) to pre-and post natal, from workouts for bodybuilders to those designed for kids.

But how do you know which to choose? Follow these simple steps to find the one that's just right for you.

  • Level: While many yoga videos claim to be suitable for all ability levels, you can increase the likelihood of getting it right if you choose one that is appropriate for your skills and experience. Many series offer beginner, intermediate and advanced programmes.
  • Target: It helps to look at what your goals are. If you want to lose weight, then take a look at the weight loss programmes, or the fat buster workouts. With offerings as diverse as abs specific workouts, back care and stress relief, there truly is something for everyone.
  • Feedback: Not sure how good a particular workout is? Ask around. You should be able to get recommendations from your teacher, fellow students, and web sites - many take feedback from customers, allowing you to avoid the 'one star' stinker and head straight for the four and five star winners.




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