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Yoga ball

A versatile prop for many postures, a yoga ball will add something different to your workout, helping you to achieve the balance and support necessary for many postures.

While this is an activity traditionally practiced on a mat, the yoga ball has added an element to it. The soft vinyl of an air-filled yoga ball provides support for poses such as backbends, hip openers and restorative poses.

In addition, many people find that simply sitting, lying or stretching on the yoga ball massages and loosens muscles that are tight or painful.

To get the full benefits it is essential to get the right size. As a general rule, the following is recommended:

  • If you are 6' or over, use a 75 cm (30") ball
  • If you are between 5'7" and 5'11", use a 65 cm (26") ball
  • If you are between 5' and 5'6", use a 55 cm (32") ball
Of course, simply buying one is not enough. They usually come un-inflated, so you'll need a pump - these are usually included with your purchase, but check before you buy to be sure.

Finally you'll want a DVD to show you how to use your new toy! While you can have lots of fun just rolling around and stretching out, a good DVD will show you how to safely perform a whole variety of poses and stretches to really get the most out of your workout time.




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