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Yoga bag

To carry your stuff to and from class, a yoga bag is essential.

While you can just shove all your gear in a regular gym bag, it's likely that your mat will end up sticking out, or else will take up so much space that there's no room left for anything else!

A custom designed yoga bag will be built around the need to store and carry your mat. They come in two sizes:

  • Regular: These are the yoga bags that carry your mat and not much else. Look for one that has an exterior pocket (for keys, gym club card etc), and a shoulder strap to make carrying easier.
  • Large: Larger models have room for your mat - and a whole lot more! Because they are custom designed, you can be sure your mat fits properly, but you will also have room for a change of clothes, water bottle, snack, whatever else you like to take to class with you.
Most models are made from a washable cotton/nylon mix, and many are washable too. There are some really great looking ones available, with coloured bands or embroidered Asanas to brighten them up and proclaim your allegiance!

For those who use a thin travel mat, simple bands are available that will hold your rolled mat to make it easy to carry.




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