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Yoga DVD

For practicing at home, a yoga DVD might be just what you're looking for.

As the popularity of this activity has grown, so has the availability of products that let you try it out at home. A quick review of your local shops or websites will reveal that there are a host of options available.

In addition to beginner, intermediate and advanced level yoga DVDs, you'll also find the following types of yoga DVDS:

  • Pre-natal
  • Morning and evening workouts
  • Workouts for weight loss
  • Celebrities (Gerri Halliwell, Linda Barker)
  • Abs specific workouts
  • Back care
  • Pregnancy and post-natal
  • Tantric
  • Kids
  • Stress relief
  • Oz style
  • For surfers
  • Yogaboxing
  • Dance
  • For women
  • For bodybuilding
  • For sport
  • Fat burning
In fact, it seems that whatever your needs, you'll find a specific programme out there that seems to be aimed almost at you! The best advice is to look at several different programmes - read what they offer, and see if it fits your needs.

If you have friends who have tried any particular programmes they may have recommendations, as indeed may your teacher if you attend a class.

If you're shopping online, you also have the feedback of other customers. A quick review of the feedback at a site like Amazon can tell you a lot - ratings for the products listed above range from one star through to five stars. With this much choice available it shouldn't be hard to find something that offers exactly what you need.




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