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Reiki massage

Is there such a thing as reiki massage? Strictly speaking the two things are quite separate - reiki massage is therefore a hybrid that some therapists use in order to achieve optimal results with their clients.

The idea behind reiki massage is to take the spiritual energy we all possess (the word "Reiki" actually translates to "Universal Life Energy") and use the rubbing or kneading strokes of massage to help distribute it to different parts of the body.

In traditional reiki, the hands of the practitioner remain still, with the healing energy transmitted from the healer and into the client. The treatment usually starts at the head and works its way through the seven different chakras - or energy centres - of the body.

Indeed, this form of treatment does not even require the patient to remove their clothes. So powerful is the ability to attune to and transfer energy that it can even be done through a plaster cast - if for example someone has a broken bone.

However, by combining these two modes of treatment, an attuned therapist can offer a more hands on approach that enables them to experience their connection with the client in a different way.

Combining these treatments can help people suffering from muscle pain, tension, and stress.




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