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Pilates mat class

The Pilates mat class is one of the fastest growing exercise choices around today, allowing thousands of people to get a taste of a form of exercise that was until recently only available in dedicated studios.

One reason for the sudden growth is that unlike the equipment workouts, Pilates Mat classes lend themselves to group teaching, and are a good way for novices to become familiar with the activity.

There are Pilates mat classes available for all fitness levels, from novice students through to long-time adherents. There are over 35 different exercises that can be performed in these classes, combining flexion, extension, lateral flexion, and rotation exercises. These will help you to develop your strength, flexibility, coordination, and mental awareness.

As with all forms of this popular exercise, these classes emphasize the key principles of breathing, body positioning, and movement integration. For beginners it is crucial to understand the role of breathing, identifying the core of support for exercises, and pelvis stabilization.

To learn safely it is recommended that you learn in a group of no more than 15 students, to allow the teacher to ensure that each student is learning correctly the principals of spinal and joint alignment.

Exercises are performed on all fours and lying on your front, side and back, and may also include the use of aids such as a foam blocks and dyna-bands, which add variation and help increase the intensity of the exercises.




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