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Pilates holidays

For a unique mind and body experience attend a pilates holiday. Pilates holidays are an ideal way of focusing on strengthening your body, free from the distractions of everyday life.

While your local studio may hold weekend retreats, pilates holidays, courses, short breaks, and vacations offer the opportunity to combine travel with health and relaxation.

Programmes can range from those that focus solely on improving your practice, to combined activities, including: sight seeing, cookery, wine tasting, painting and drawing.

Apart from classes, rejuvenation getaways also often include talks and workshops on a variety of related topics such as: meditation, nutrition, and healing. The combination of spectacular or peaceful surroundings, regular focused practice, healthy cuisine, and bonding with like-minded individuals is an ideal way of rejuvenating the body and soul.

Whether you are a dedicated practitioner, or simply a beginner, professional and experienced staff will make your trip relaxed and friendly. The most intimate and informative experiences will be had in retreats that cater to smaller group sizes. Not all programmes are only geared towards individuals. If you and your partner would like to get away together and also embark on a new weight management or stress reduction program, a couple's retreat would be well suited to you.

If this all sounds appealing, but you are suspect about digging too deeply into your pocket book, you may put your mind at ease. Not all retreats are reserved for the wealthy. The price is of course relative to the costs of accommodation, food, and other activities. Semi-intensive short courses that are usually held on long weekends are the retreats of choice for those who are short on both time and money.




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