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Pilates and yoga

Would you like to enhance your physical, and emotional well-being? Pilates and yoga are the right practices for you. The modern popularity of pilates and yoga may lie partly in their celebrity endorsement, however their relaxing and strengthening effects are just as appealing in today's busy world.

Pilates and yoga work well in partnership with one another, as the core strengthening that is the focus of the former approach to exercise, can effectively assist in achieving the balance and correct alignment integral to the latter.

In fact, over eighty years ago Joseph Pilates based his namesake exercise system on ancient yogic asanas/postures. His practice concentrated on finding ways of moving fluidly between the more static asanas.

Pilates and yoga practice are each based on building strength and flexibility. As such, the key difference between them lies not within the physical approach to fitness, but the philosophical one. The latter practice emerged as a holistic spiritual discipline whose ancient Eastern roots combined physical postures and meditation towards the ultimate goal of spiritual awakening.

The former practice, which emerged more recently, and in the West, is focused primarily on physical conditioning. What better way to feel good, and look good, than by incorporating both complimentary practices into your weekly exercise routine.

Both practices should be done in comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. The environment should be well ventilated, and allow for enough room to extend arms and legs freely. You should work at your own pace, gradually building up strength and gently extending your boundaries. Remember that the breath plays a key role in both systems of practice, in order to balance and regulate the flow of energy within the body.




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