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Pilates video

Like to workout at home? A Pilates video may be just the ticket. Whether you are looking to learn from scratch, or supplement an existing class, a Pilates video can provide the knowledge and motivation you need to work out by yourself.

This is a pretty saturated market, with new offerings being released every month. While it does not yet have the celebrity status of yoga, some big names are starting to put their weight behind Pilates videos. However, the best know name in the field is not a celebrity but a respected teacher - Lynne Robinson.

Choosing a Pilates video can be difficult, but if you follow these simple guidelines, the process should be a whole lot easier!

  • Focus: Many of the products target a particular market - for example, back health, pre or post natal, flexible strength moves. Deciding what your goals are and why you want to workout will help to eliminate many of these from your consideration.
  • Level: Many series offer beginner, intermediate and advanced programmes. This means that it is vital to make a realistic assessment of your current level.
  • Feedback: How do you know how good a particular workout is? Simple - check the feedback. This can mean either asking people you know (your teacher, fellow students) or checking out the web sites - most of the good ones carry feedback from customers, so you can quickly see what others thought of the various options.




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