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Pilates cadilac

Bearing a startling resemblance to a medieval torture device, Pilates Cadillac is sometimes referred to as "The Rack".

This versatile piece of exercise equipment is composed of a padded platform atop a table, on which stands a cage-like metal frame with various adjustable parts such as: bars, straps, levers, and springs.

Though its size and appearance may be disconcerting, Pilates Cadillac was not invented by a torturous brute with an affinity for inflicting pain on others rather, Joseph Pilates, was a hospital orderly who created a bridge between exercise and physical therapy in order to aid in the rehabilitation of bedridden patients.

The design of Pilates Cadillac has since evolved and improved, and it is now regarded by many as one of the most important pieces of exercise equipment ever made.

Over eighty different exercises can be performed on the Pilates Cadillac, which means there is something for everyone, regardless of age and ability. You may however, wish to develop confidence through regular mat practice that focuses on the core, before graduating to the larger apparatus.

Exercise repertoires will commonly address core abdominal muscles, spinal flexibility, back strengthening, shoulder rotation, and total body stretching. The machine imposes effort through the use of springs, which in turn works targeted muscles.

Beginners may perform spring assisted sit-ups, while more advanced practitioners can opt for a highly acrobatic workout. Whatever your level of ability, it is advisable to have a trained instructor guide you through the safe usage and effective technique involved with each of the various adjustable parts.




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