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Stott pilates

Based in Toronto, Canada, with facilities worldwide, Stott Pilates is an international organisation dedicated to integrity in education and equipment.

Former professional dancer Moira Merrithew developed this contemporary approach to Joseph Pilates' original exercise method, using the input she gathered from sports professionals.

Together they adapted the traditional method by incorporating modern biomechanical principles, sports medicine, functional anatomy and spinal rehabilitation techniques, which underlie what has come to be known as the Stott Pilates exercise regime.

The Stott Pilates regime differs from the traditional practice in that it incorporates preparatory exercises to ensure safer practice, and focuses on spinal rehabilitation and performance enhancement. The principles of patterned breathing, pelvic and rib cage placement, shoulder stabilisation, and attention to correct head and neck alignment, underlying this contemporary approach all work towards the goal of achieving optimal functional fitness.

Prolonged practice of this type of mind-body conditioning can have positive effects on your spiritual and mental well-being. Its focus on posture, and strengthening the core through exercises targeting the abdominal regions, can even teach you how to maintain the stretch beyond the classroom, which can actually make you taller. The most dramatic results are seen by those who have a habit of slouching, and through regular practice find new ways to carry themselves straight, effortlessly.

This muscular-skeletal conditioning program has the best results when practiced alongside some kind of cardiovascular activity. Its focus on the safe delivery of strength, flexibility and endurance exercises makes it beneficial for everyone from rehabilitation patients to professional athletes.

Whatever your level of fitness, you can rest assured that with regular, and consistent practice you will soon see and feel the benefits to the way your body functions resulting from improved core strength, balancing the muscle around the joints, and attention to inner awareness.




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