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Pilates instructor course

Inspired by your trainer you have decided to enroll in a pilates instructor course.

Where do you start? The worldwide web can be an excellent resource for general information on training programs.

There you will find information regarding pilates instructor courses and workshops, as well as comprehensive training programs. In order to teach effectively, you will need to learn from a course director who has a minimum of five years experience.

While a comprehensive training program will offer the most well rounded education, it is will require a large investment in time and money. Alternately, pilates instructor courses can be taken in various stages, thus allowing time to earn extra income between sessions.

The following is a list of questions you should ask of the training programs in your area, in order to find the most relevant one for you:

  • What are the prerequisites?
  • What are the qualifications you can hope to attain? Are they recognised nationally? Internationally?
  • Can you expect to complete both a practical and written exam prior to certification?
  • What is the time and monetary investment?
  • Is there a combination of practical and theoretical based work?
  • Does the instruction center on a single apparatus? What are the opportunities for continuing education?
  • What is the instructor's background?
  • Is there a list of program graduates you can consult?
Should you wish to combine your training with relaxation, there are plenty of holiday retreats, workshops, and vacations on offer. A spectacular or peaceful setting can provide the ideal setting for acquiring new information, and improving your practice.




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