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Pilates certification

There are many different organisations offering pilates certification. The best thing you can do if you are at the outset of your career is to seek training with a qualified organisation that offers pilates certification in accordance with the national standard, thereby ensuring wide recognition of your qualification.

Enrolling for teacher training with a high profile organisation regularly featured in the media, will also give you the competitive advantage by helping you to keep advertising costs low whilst ensuring your classes are full.

High profile organisations have extensive websites that are regularly visited and consequently will contribute to referrals and word of mouth helping your future business thrive. Two organisations with strong reputations of quality pilates certification and professional development support are the Stott and Body Control institutes.

Both the Stott and Body Control organisations provide teachers with the skills and confidence to design programs for a range of clients in group or personal sessions.

While they focus on different types of training, Stott and Body Control offer comprehensive learning programs as well as workshops for continuing education. The following is a breakdown of the attributes specific to each organisation:

  • Stott Organisation
    • A variation of the traditional method that incorporates modern biomechanical principles, sports medicine, functional anatomy and spinal rehabilitation techniques.
    • International organization with equipment and video (for professional and home use) distribution worldwide.
    • Offers a wide range of courses including: intensive (geared towards fitness professionals), comprehensive (for those with related experience), rehabilitation (for health professionals), and graduate streams
    • Each course has a series of leveled modules and teaches variations, and modifications for specific injuries and other physical conditions
    • Courses culminate in written and practical exams
    • Qualified instructor Trainer's can be flown in to any facility to conduct continuing education workshops for credit.

  • Body Control Organisation
    • Based on a comprehensive system of mat work exercises that have evolved from the traditional practice.
    • World's first curriculum based course.
    • Mat work course director (Lynne Robinson) is recognised as one of the world's authorities.
    • Has published a successful book entitled "Body Control the Pilates Way"
    • First specialist training provider to be approved against UK national standards
    • All teachers are members of Body Control Association that monitors quality and standards of Body Control teaching, and provides worldwide support network
    • Comprehensive training program covers more than 100 exercises, and teaches how to progress and adapt exercises based on client's needs.
    • Teachers have access to wide range of professional development courses available around the world.




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