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Wood Chop

What it does?

A brilliant functional exercise aimed at strengthening the core muscles. Great for golfers, baseball players and throwing events.

What you need?

A cable machine with hi pulley

How do you do it?

- Stand sideways to the machine with feet wider than shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent
- Hold the hi pulley with the arm furthest from the machine and then rest the other hand on top
- Begin to pull the pulley down and across your body, trying to keep your arms straight
- Bend the knees during the movement like you are 'chopping wood' and bring the pulley to just outside the furthest knee
- Reverse the movement to the start position
- Repeat 8-12 times

Key Points

- Keep your chest and head up throughout the movement and focus on using your abdominal muscles
- Start off with a light resistance and gradually build up



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