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Shoulder Girdle Program

Whether you are a serious tennis player or a weekend exerciser, having a shoulder girdle program in place is a smart decision. This part of the body is heavily used in a wide variety of sports so strengthening it will not only improve your game but will also make small actions in everyday life easier.

A shoulder girdle program doesn't take all that much time to complete and can be done with any workout plan. It is always best to try and schedule your shoulder girdle program to be done on the same day you do the rest of your upper body workout so that you can ensure you are getting sufficient rest in between sessions.

Some good exercises to include are military presses, frontal raises, lateral raises, reverse flyes and chest flyes. It may be best to start performing these exercises using some rubber tubing since it has variable resistance and can be easily adjusted midway through the movement if at any time you find it becomes too intense.

With the rubber tubing you should also try to do external and internal rotations as this will target the deep tendons that help maintain proper alignment and positioning. When doing these make sure you maintain a steady flow of movement rather than jerking it outwards and then letting it snap back in.

Finally, the plan would not be complete without having a look at your posture and taking that into consideration. People who have improper posture will put more stress on their muscles than needed and this can develop over time to put them at an increased risk for injury. If you aren't utilizing proper posture, exercises that will help you over come this problem should additionally be done. This may be movements such as shrugs, upright rows, neck rolls and horizontal rows. All of these will help to work the trapezius and upper back muscles, which should help you correct your spinal position.

So be sure to take the time now to work these movements into your overall workout plan. Many other muscles will be indirectly targeted while doing them as well so you can be sure the time is well spent.




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