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Swiss Ball Dumbbell Extension

What it does?

This variation of the dumbbell pullover uses a swiss ball instead of a bench. It targets the triceps but using a swiss ball means you have to use your core muscles to remain in a stable and safe position throughout the movement

What you need?

Swiss ball and dumbbells

How do you do it?

- Lie on the swiss ball with your shoulders and upper back resting on it.
- Hold a dumbbell in each hand above your shoulders, either side of your head with each elbow bent so that your palms and fingers are facing each other (see video)
- Bend your forearms from your elbow to extend the dumbbells up and so that your arms are straight up above you.
- Lower the dumbbells back down to the start position
- Repeat 8-10 times

Key Points

- The movement should be slow and controlled. 3 seconds down, 3 seconds up
- Be careful not to lower the dumbbell too far as this may lead to overstretching
- Keep your torso and thighs in line when lying on the swiss ball
- Do not let your arms move from your shoulders to your elbows



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