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Tricep Kick Back

What it does?

This exercise will help develop and tone your triceps and is great for beginners

What you need?

Dumbbells and a flat bench

How do you do it?

- Position yourself next to a bench with your left hand and knee on the bench
- Hold a dumbbell in your right hand down by your side
- To start, bend your arm so that your elbow is pointing backwards
- Slowly extend your elbow back and up towards the ceiling not allowing your upper arm to move
- Pause briefly at the top and then return to the start position
- Repeat 10-15 times on each arm

Key points

- Keep your back parallel to the floor, don't hunch over
- If you need to swing the dumbbell back to lift it, it is too heavy
- Make sure the movement is slow and controlled to isolate the triceps



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