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Blood type diet

Created by the doctor, Peter J D'Adamo, the Blood Type Diet plan focuses on the relationship between what you eat and your blood group. Why not read our simple review to find out more about the idea that the modern blood groups (O, A, B, and AB) emerged as the environmental conditions and eating styles of our ancestors changed.

The Blood Type diet plan focuses on the premise that the four main groups react differently to different types of food and that each is intolerant to specific foods. Food intolerance increases the likelihood of weight gain and foods that are difficult to digest such as pastas, cakes, pastries and artificial sugars must be avoided.

When following the Blood Type Diet, foods are divided into 16 different categories and are then classed as, 'highly beneficial,' 'neutral' or 'avoid' according to each of the different groups. For example, the program for O would be rich in meat, while the one for A would be a grain-based, low-fat, predominantly vegetarian plan.

Weight loss is probably a result of a restricted calorie intake as there is little medical evidence to support this plan. The program can be complicated to follow, for example if members of a family have different blood groups, it would be difficult to prepare a meal to accommodate each plan. Also, none of the plans contain all of the elements required for a healthy balanced diet, and lack of these essential nutrients may lead to deficiency diseases like scurvy, anaemia and rickets.




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