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Causes of acne

The actual causes of Acne are many and varied and likewise the number of acne skin care products reflects this.

As with many things, the causes of Acne vary depending on the individual. The causes of Acne can also be due to environmental factors, potentially some physiological factors and finally some hormonal.

For example, one cause of acne is a hormonal change in the individual, like the onset of adolescence, pregnancy or menstruation. The body changes chemically, which alters it's ability to fight bacteria. Another a cause of Acne is an excess of stress, resulting in the same phenomenon. Sometimes a change in weather or pollution levels can lead to pores clogging more easily.

Contrary to popular belief, hygiene is not a contributing factor to acne, though keeping your skin clean may reduce the amount of oil on the skin's surface.

On the physiological level, eruptions occur because of a combination of an excess of oil, hormones, and bacteria. Blackheads and whiteheads are created when an excess of oil clogs a pore and thus creates a breeding ground for bacteria.

A cyst occurs when the wall of a pore becomes damaged, allowing bacteria and dead cells to become trapped deep inside the inner layer of the skin. Cysts are infections which don't reach the surface, and have a tendency to spread the infection to healthy surrounding cells. Cysts are painful and can sometimes cause scarring.

Understanding why these various eruptions occur is the first step to finding appropriate and effective treatment for them. If you think you suffer from this condition, you may want to consult your doctor.



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