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So do you know abtou skin types really? You've read about them in magazines and heard about it on the sides of your favourite cosmetics, you've even heard your friends talking about them, but what exactly do they mean?

Is your skin type important to your skincare regime? And how can you find out which of the skin types best describes you?

In truth, there are as many different skin types as there are people. Everybody's genetic make up is slightly different, so no two skin types are exactly alike. However, for the purpose of trying to take the best possible care of yourself, dermatologists have created some generalized groups that we can use in identifying skin types.

These types are called Oily, Dry, T-Zone (also known as Combination), Sensitive and Acne Prone. Usually people can identify themselves in the above groups without difficulty, although some individuals may belong to two or three groups.

Being aware of your grouping can be helpful in lots of ways. In your teenage years, understanding which grouping you fit into can help you locate the best products for combating teenage acne. For example, using oily moisturizers on an already oily complexion will only aggravate acne, so people who belong to the Oily grouping should look for water-based moisturizers. For adult women, knowing your grouping is vital to selecting cosmetics. Women who belong to the Sensitive grouping need to make sure that the cosmetic brands they use are non-allergenic and approved for use on sensitive skin.

For Women in later life, knowing your grouping can help you understand how the aging process is going to affect you, and which products can help you slow or combat it. Lastly, knowing your grouping can help you to protect your face from the damage caused by exposure to the elements. Knowing your grouping can help you understand how you'll react to protective products such as sunscreen. If you understand your grouping, you'll be armed with the information that will enable you to take the best possible care of your face!



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