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How nutrition plans work

Your Nutrition Card

Did you know that those people who keep track of what they eat and drink are reach their weight goal quicker and maintain their new weight longer?

Forget food diaries and calorie counting - your personal Nutrition CardTM is one of the simplest ways to accurately keep track of what you eat and drink each day. Small, simple and easily slipped into a pocket, wallet or purse, ideal when at home, work or out-and-about!

Your Personal Nutrition Targets

Use your Nutrition Card with your Nutrition Targets.

You'll receive personal Nutrition Targets which show you how much you can eat from the different food groups for an optimal balanced diet everyday.

Healthy Habits

Our healthy eating experts have written over 500 healthy living habits that will help you find simple ways to make your lifestyle healthier - no big changes that you won't keep up!

They give you the practical steps to achieve your goals, how to overcome barriers as well as dispel common myths and misconceptions!

Weekly Check-In

Each week, we'll email you to remind you to log your results. It's free and simple to therefore keep motivated and ensure your diary is up to date. You can get guidance and feedback about how you're getting on with your healthy eating plan from your virtual health coach too.

Keep Motivated

With GetFit Nutrition there are lots of ways to keep motivated:
  • Enter the food you eat each day and get instant feedback
  • Track your progress with your weight and waist graph
  • Keep a record of how often you achieve your Healthy Habits
  • Ask the Expert - have a question? Find the answer in our Ask the Expert feature or our health experts will answer you personally. We're here to help you succeed.

Exciting Features

You can also access:

  • Free Portion Guide to explain the types and amounts of food you can eat (download)
  • Food Database, which includes 1000's of every day foods and their nutritional content
  • Health Library where you can learn new healthy living skills




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