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NLP courses

There are literally hundreds of NLP courses on offer, so making a good choice is essential.

A quick google search will reveal the array of choices available - the question is, how do you choose NLP courses that are right for you?

Of course one consideration is price, but it is not necessarily the best way to make an informed choice. Other factors should be considered when choosing NLP courses.

Location is something you should look at - many courses run for days, weeks, or even over several moths, so finding the right location is important. The majority of course are offered in London, so you have to consider how practical or affordable it is for you to travel to London.

Another consideration is what you are looking to learn or achieve. Options include:

  • Programs designed to use particular techniques for self-help purposes (e.g. weight loss, stopping smoking)
  • Those that teach you the broader skills for you to use in whatever area you want
  • Programs that are targeted at particular fields (e.g. sales, management etc)
  • Programs that teach you to become an expert practitioner in the field

It is important to choose the right type of training in order to meet your personal or organizational needs.

Finally, you might want to consider who is presenting the course - there are different individuals and organisations that have established reputations for excellence in the field. They may cost a bit more, but you might also get a lot more for your money ultimately.




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