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Weight watchers magazine

The Weight Watchers Magazine is a companion publication to the club of the same name. Weight Watchers Magazine is specifically geared to members of the club and contains extensive information and advertising about the club brand. Although it offers little accessible practical information for non-members, Weight Watchers Magazine provides a sense of community for those on the club plan.

Like many weightloss publications Weight Watchers Magazine contains stories of diet success. However,the publication is apparently focused on targeting younger slimmers, as the success stories recounted mainly seem to happen to women in their twenties and thirties.

The publication also includes features on recipes and food preparation, exercise, fashion, and health features concerning weightloss. Unfortunately for non-members, practical information, such as how to follow the prescribed diet plans, are presented in a cryptic way, providing no specifics about the club "points" system, which you clearly have to become a member to understand. Similarly, food-related features discuss food with regards to "point value" with no indication of fat or calorie content. Non-member readers will find that only the recipes list calorie content. The publication also lacks evidence of facts and figures to back up claims, and the support of recognized experts in the field.

This weightloss publication is best suited to slimmers who are already members of the affiliated club plan. For these readers, this publication undoubtably operates as a companion resource to the club program itself, and further introduces existing members to services provided by the club that they are able to take advantage of as members.




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