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Slimming magazine

Did you know that Slimming Magazine is a publication for weight loss that's not affiliated with a slimming club.

As a result, Slimming Magazine is one of the few publications providing completely unbiased information on weightloss strategies. Slimming Magazine aims to present a well-rounded and diversified approach to weightloss by including a number of different plans and motivational tips that appeal to a wide demographic of people trying to lose weight.

Unlike weightloss publications affiliated with clubs, Slimming Magazine doesn't withold information in order to encourage readers to consider membership. This publication provides all of the information required to teach a beginner how to loose unwanted pounds. Each issue begins with a weightloss success story to serve as a motivational tool. The publication tries to include success stories over a range of ages and weight loss, so that there's something every reader can identify with. The success stories are followed by articles on food preparation and nutrition, including information on calories and fat; a range of diet plans exploring everything from the very trendy to the tried and tested; and features on ladies fashions,being careful to focus on clothing that is available in a range of sizes right up to plus. Other types of articles to expect include stories on the psychology of dieting, like how to curb emotional eating; articles focusing on specific food groups, vitamins, and minerals; and features on different types of exercise.

Though some very experienced dieters may find this publication a little too basic, for the beginner or person rediscovering dieting, it offers solid information verified by experts in the field.




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