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Slimming world

The Slimming World Magazine is affiliated with the weightloss club of the same name. Slimming World Magazine is put out by the club on a bi-monthly basis, and is available for purchase by the general public as well as club members.

Slimming World magazine aims to be an informative and motivational tool for weightloss, as well as being a class companion for members of the club itself.

Each issue of Slimming World Magazine begins with a welcoming message from the editor. What follows are a variety of features and articles geared to club members and to individuals interested in weightloss. Throughout the publication there are motivational diet success stories featuring before and after photos. There are also recipes and articles on food preparation; recommendations of diet related books to read; competitions and draws to enter; fashion articles; and features on exercise. Columns like the aptly titled "Your World", encourage readers to write in and share their diet success stories. Specific columns geared to club members include the "Our World" section, which contains stories about the club's various classes. This is combined with information on how to join the club, and how to find out where your nearest classes are held.

Naturally, this publication is geared towards encouraging readers to consider membership in the club, and so the information on diet plans are geared towards the system used by the club itself. However, the publication also works to creates a sense of community for non-members interested in weight loss, and is a useful and informative tool for those who are looking for a cheaper alternative to joining the club itself.




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