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Stillman Diet plan review

Developed by an American medical doctor, the Stillman Diet plan promises quick results. It would appeal to any slimmer who feels the need to follow a strict eating regime because its rules are rigid.

On the Stillman Diet plan you can only eat the following foods: lean meat with all fat trimmed off and, in the case of chicken and turkey, the skin removed; lean fish (such as haddock, cod and perch) and most seafood. Eggs can also be eaten - preferably hard-boiled - but no fat of any kind is to be used in either cooking or eating. Certain types of low fat cheese are also permitted.

It is absolutely essential to drink at least eight tall glasses of water a day while on the Stillman Diet plan and an unlimited amount of coffee and tea without cream, milk or sugar is also sanctioned, as are zero calorie carbonated drinks such as sparkling mineral water.

However, as the choice of foods is so limited herbs and spices can be used to add flavour, in addition to seasonings such as salt, pepper and garlic. A small selection of sauces - for example horseradish, cocktail sauce, tabasco and ketchup - can zip up the high protein menu but even these have to be used sparingly. Mayonnaise and salad dressings are strictly forbidden.

Slimmers can eat as much as they like of anything on the list of allowed foods so in theory hunger should not be a problem. Given the restricted nutrition provided, however, it may well be advisable to take appropriate vitamin and mineral supplements but, in any case, this eating plan cannot be considered as anything but a very short term measure. There is also very real danger that after normal eating is resumed the would-be slimmer finds that they actually weight more than they did originally because the body instinctively stores away the extra calories as fat - to guard against another 'famine' occurring.




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