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Mayo clinic diet

Having been in existence since the 1940's, The Mayo Clinic Diet plan has been tried by millions of weightwatchers across the world. However, it has never been never been endorsed by the famous American medical group practice.

Over the years, the so-called Mayo Clinic Diet plan has appeared in a variety of forms; all are restrictive about the variety of foods that can be eaten and all promise dramatic weight loss with little or no medical evidence to support the claims. Something users are getting wise to now.

A popular current form of the Mayo Clinic Diet advocates grapefruit and is high in protein and fat but low in carbohydrates. As an unlimited amount of meat and poultry is allowed, hunger should not be a problem for people anxious to find a quick-fix solution to a weight problem. The theory is that eating a grapefruit at every meal is a way of encouraging the body to burn fat and, in fact, supporters believe that the more fat consumed the greater the weight loss that can be achieved. That means that traditional taboo foods such as fried breakfasts (without carbohydrates like toast) are positively encouraged.

This is a short term eating plan - usually three to seven days in duration and the maximum advisable is two months. However, as a long-term strategy for weight management most experts believe it cannot work and may even cause health problems as complex carbohydrates are banned. Eating food with a high fat content also has general health implications, regardless of how much weight is lost (or gained). While this eating plan may result in temporary weight reduction, there is a very real danger of gaining more than was lost when normal eating resumes.




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