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Slimming world

If you're looking for a new slimming club, why not consider Slimming World. They operate throughout the UK and promote weight loss through a low calorie diet and the support of other dieters.

Slimming World has a proven track record of weightloss, mostly due to the fact that at root, it's eating plans are based around the tried and true notion that weight loss can be acheived through lowering your fat and calorie intake.

The Slimming World slimmming club plan is made up of two different eating plans which are alternated with each other on a daily basis. Slimming World calls these different eating plan days "Green Days" and "Original Days", also called "Red Days". The plan uses the system of food allocation, where you're allowed a certain amount of particular kinds of food on a given day. Green days and Red days have different "free foods", which are foods you're allowed to eat as much as you like of on that particular day. On "Green Days", members can chose from a vast number of free foods like pasta, rice, potatoes, fruit, vegetables, beans and pulses.

To accompany these foods on Green days, members can chose from specific "healthy extras" such as certain types of meat or fish. Red Days switch the emphasis, with the free foods identified as various meats as well as fruit and vegetables. On either day, members are allowed a small allowance of foods which are identified with a "synergy" (syn) rating. For example, the vast majority of dieters are allowed 10 syns per day, and a glass of wine accounts for 5 syns.

The club offers a permanent support system for dieters, with members who have reached their target weights being allowed to continue to attend the club's weekly classes indefinitely for free, provided they stay within three pounds in either direction of their target weight. The club also publishes a diet and finess magazine that is available to both members and the general public.




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