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Rosemary Conley

If online plans work for you then the Rosemary Conley slimming club has created a web based diet and fitness plan which provides members with a guided weight loss program over the internet.

Rosemary Conley states that it's not merely a diet, but a guided lifestyle change that shows it's members how to make smarter and healthier choices.

By joining Rosemary Conley slimming club members are immediately given access to the online program which provides you with :

  • week to week guidance through the club diet and weightloss plan

  • a secure online area to plot their own weightloss goals
  • the option to enter their weight progress into the system as often as they like

  • progress graphs showing weight loss, Body Mass index, waist measurements, body fat and fitness levels

  • email correspondence and support from the club team
  • access to the "coffee shop" where members can participate in a live chat room and message forum

  • a buddy system, whereby you can link up and privately exchange messages with other club members

  • a function which sets daily goals and records successes

  • a weightloss certificate for every stone lost

  • access to different club diet plans -access to a database of healthy recipes

Members also recieve through the post a mechanical waist measuring tape and a double CD talking you through the first twelve weeks of the program.

The diet plan itself is a low-fat eating plan centering around the goal of eating only 1500 calories per day. The plan encourages members to eat lots of cereals, potato, rice, pasta and fruits and vegetables. Members are also encouraged to eat moderate amounts of meat, low fat milk and dairy products equivalent to a ? of a pint of milk each day, and to limit foods that contain a lot of fat or sugar. The club provides a support network, and a sense of community for it's members, who also have the option of buying specifically geared diet and fitness magazines and exercise videos.




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