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Lucozade hydro active

For those looking for a lighter sports drink, Lucozade Hydro Active is right there to help you meet your needs.

This product has been specially formulated so that it will help hydrate your body better than drinking pure water would. When you are only replacing your lost fluid with pure water, you will not be replacing the sodium and potassium that you are sweating out and this can create a great deal of problems as far as muscular contractions are concenred.

Lucozade Hydro Active remedies this situation, all while being low in calorie so as to prevent weight gain from occurring.

For each 100 ml of Lucozade Hydro Active that you consume, you'll get 10 calories, 2 grams of carbohydrates, 40 mg of sodium, 0.34 mg of Vitamin E, 0.61 mg of Niacin, 0.07 mg of Vitamin B6, and 0.21 mg of Pantothenic Acid. Additionally, to help promote strong bones, you'll also receive 37 mg of Calcium.

The two main flavours that this product comes in include Citrus Fruits and Summer Berry. You can also purchase it in drink mix form, for those who would prefer not to carry a water bottle around, but are looking for something more compact that can easily be stored in a bag.

So, if you are just performing a lighter workout, consider using this product rather then the more hypertonic beverage choices that offer more calories from carbohydrates.




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