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Lucozade energy information

If you are looking for a sports drink and having more fuel is a concern, Lucozade Energy would be the best choice for you.

Lucozade Energy is formulated to help out higher level athletes or those who are exercising with intensity because it will provide a higher carbohydrate content than some of the other sports drinks that are out on the market. Since your body quickly depletes its carbohydrates stores when it's performing high intensity exercise, this provides you with a sure way to ensure you can continually keep up with your activity.

When consuming Lucozade Energy, you'll get 70 calories for each 100 ml you consume. In a typical 500 ml bottle, this equates to 350 calories, which is a great way to replace the much needed energy you're burning off. Typical hypotonic beverages can contain as little as 10 calories per 100 ml so you can see why this beverage would be a better choice.

Included in this beverage is also caffeine, which is great for those who are really looking to kick it up a notch. The added caffeine will give you a big boost in mental so when you are out playing whatever sport or activity you do, you won't have to worry about becoming mentally fatigued.

The flavours that this product has available include original, orange, apple, lemon, wildberry, and tropical.




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