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Hypotonic sports drinks

When you are looking for a sports drink, you may want to consider using a hypotonic variety to meet your needs.

A hypotonic sports beverage is going to be one that has a lower concentration of carbohydrates per volume of liquid, while still containing all the essential electrolytes that the body needs in order to maintain a good muscular contraction rate.

Consuming a hypotonic sports drink is going to be best in situations where you are sweating but are not involved in ongoing, rigorous physical activity. The reasoning behind this is because as you sweat, you will still be depleting the body of your potassium and sodium stores, however, you will not be burning nearly the same amount of carbohydrates as someone who was participating in endurance activities such as distance running for example.

By choosing to use this form of sports drink you can prevent an excess of calories being taken in that could potentially lead to weight gain if you are not careful.

Most often the athletes who will use these beverages include gymnast, football players, sprinters, or those who are just sitting in a very hot climate and are experiencing a much higher perspiration rate.

If you wish to make your own beverage, you can do so by mixing together about 100 ml of squashed orange with one litre of water and a very small sprinkling of salt (approximately one gram).




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