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Creatine side effects

Before you walk into using this, or any supplements, Creatine side effects shoudl be something you have looked in to. If you're looking for a supplement that will help you build muscle mass and increase strength, then Creatine may be for you, so long as you understand the side effects of Creatine.

Physiologically, the immediate effects of Creatine are to help your muscles store energy for bursts of exercise such as sprinting. When taken as a supplement, the effects of Creatine may help you to become bigger, stronger, and increase your energy output over short periods. So what are the effects of Creatine on the casual body-builder and the training athlete?

Studies have shown that use of this supplement leads to an increase of body mass which is a result of both muscle building and water retention. Most athletes experience an increase in muscle size, but may find that their muscles are not as hard to the touch due to the water retention. With regards to performance, this supplement has been found to increase speed and strength over short bursts of exercise or sprints, and further, to improve performance on repetitions or sets when not enough time has been given to adequately recover between them.

When an athlete stops using this supplement, the effects reverse back to his or her original condition. This supplement is often prescribed by doctors after surgery to prevent muscle wastage, and also to increase heart function in patients with heart disease. There are no documented side effects in the short term other than weight gain. However, there are unsubstantiated claims that usage of this supplement can lead to an increase in pulls or strains.

If you're considering using this supplement, it's important to remember that long term effects, particularly on the heart, which is also a muscle, haven't been gathered yet.




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