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Components of sports drinks

It is important to understand what the components of sports drinks are so that when you go to purchase one, you can be sure you get what you are looking for. Different beverages will have slightly different make-ups so if you are willing to spend a little time looking around, you can be sure to find one that will meet the exact needs you are looking for.

The main things to consider when looking at the components of sports drinks are total carbohydrate count, how many calories the beverage contains, whether it has caffeine in it, and finally, the sodium and potassium levels that are listed.


One major component of sports drinks, carbohydrate content is something you'll want to consider when choosing a beverage to use since this should correspond with how hard you are exercising during the session and the total duration of time in which it will last.

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The two key electrolytes that are included in most sports drinks include potassium and sodium. These help to maintain proper muscular contraction and prevent fatigue.

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