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Sports hydration for fitness

One aspect that far too many athletes overlook is that of hydration. It cannot be stressed enough that you must be taking care of your hydration needs if you are to perform to optimal levels. Hydration not only is going to affect how your body feels, but it will greatly affect how it functions as well.

Even minimal amounts of not being well hydrated can lead to negative things. Such examples would be a quicker muscular response to fatigue, feeling light headed or dizzy, poor muscular contraction rates, increased risk of heat stroke (for those exercising in hot conditions), and nausea.

Drinks & training

The various drinks and training protocols out there will all help give you different options as to how you should go about ensuring you stay hydrated with your training session.

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Preventing dehydration

Taking measures with regards to preventing dehydration is extremely critical if you are hoping to maximize your performance and recover quicker.

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Sports drinks vs water

Learning the difference between sports drinks vs. water will help you determine which is the best fluid replacement for your body when you are performing higher intensity exercise for an extended duration in time.

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