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Destination Spas

As part of an exclusive group of venues, Destination Spas offer you more than just the one day of pampering and luxury. Typically you can book two or three day packages, although it is also possible to book longer. Destination Spas offer you the chance to choose spa treatments, a little exercise and even some educational component (for healthy eating or working out).

The difference in price, as you can imagine does show. Destination Spas prices have to include meals, some fitness classes if you want them and of course a certain number of spa treatments. The emphasis here is on allowing you to properly unwind over a number of days, whilst the Spa looks after you and allows you to relax.

The all inclusive nature of the Destination spas means you are really going to enjoy a full-immersion experience from your fitness activities through to healthy eating options and the choice of a bewildering array of therapeutic spa and body treatments. At many of the leading venues, you are also now able to indulge in the so called Mind Body Spirit treatments as a way to kick starting to a healthier lifestyle.

The difference to Resort Spas:

Resort spas are typically offering not only your treatments but a complete range of additional health and leisure activities like golf, tennis, horse-riding and more. You will also find that there are the classes and extensive healthy menu's on offer - although sometimes you will have to pay a supplement for this.



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