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The treatment known as reflexology is originally an ancient therapy first practised in China, Egypt and India thousands of years ago. Also known as 'zone therapy', reflexology is based on the idea that certain areas of the feet and hands have a direct connection with other parts of the body, including your internal organs.

Using pressure point massage, practitioners of reflexology believe that by pushing on certain acupuncture points on the hands, feet and ears, they can restore the flow of energy around your body. This is based on traditional Chinese medical theories that all areas of the body are connected by certain meridian lines along which your life force flows. This life force may become blocked or unbalanced causing disease and pain. Practitioners hold that by easing tension in certain parts of your feet, they can help to heal the related organ or area of your body.

What are the benefits?
This is a complementary form of healing that is designed to treat the body as an entire entity. While certain specific problems can be addressed, the overall benefits are multiple and varied. Blood circulation is increased and thus the flow of nutrients to areas of the body which may have been neglected. Treatment should individually tailored and you should discuss with a therapist your particular needs or problems. This type of treatment is thought to be particularly good for ongoing conditions such as back pain, migraine and PMS. It's an excellent way to reduce stress levels and those trying it for the first time are often amazed by how good it leaves them feeling. It not only has a positive impact on your physical health but also your emotional and spiritual well being.



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